It’s not as if you don’t have enough to think about as the due date nears. You lie in bed wide awake, stare at the dark and count sheep, facing yet another sleeplessness night. You know you need your sleep, but the last thing you want to use is medication.

You do have other options, tried and true options such as a relaxing in a warm bath before bed, or listening to calming music, or reading until you naturally drift away. You could even try getting out of bed and doing housework or paying bills. That might do the trick.

Pregnant and Can’t Sleep?But what if none of this works? What if you’ve tried it all and you’re still wide awake? It might help to know you’re not alone. Seventy-five percent of pregnant women experience some form of sleeplessness. Yes, you say, but being unable to sleep is different from a little restlessness. Being unable to get the sleep you need is frustrating because you need sleep and yet you can’t get it. At this point you need to do some detective work. Yes, you’re tired, and you’ve already got more than enough to do.

But with a little digging you might figure out what’s keeping you awake, and then you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to resolve the issue. The problem might have something to do with hormones, that’s for sure, or it could be something stressful in your environment, or maybe you just started a new medication, or you had an argument with someone important to you.

Pregnant and Can’t Sleep?Sit down and have a serious talk with yourself. Do you worry about being a good mother? Maybe you wonder if you’ll be able to give all your kids the care they need when the new baby comes. If any of this applies, take a trip to the library. You’ll find a wealth of information about motherhood that might ease your mind. It’s worth the effort if it helps you get some sleep. If some digging doesn’t help you identify a possible cause, you might consider starting a sleep diary.

That’s where you chart the facts in your life and your sleep, or lack of it, and your sleep habits. After a few entries you might notice a pattern, which is all to the good because then you can take appropriate corrective action.

But if you don’t find a pattern or possible cause, it’s time to consult your doctor. They’ve had experience with this kind of thing because they’ve worked with many pregnant women. Your doctor can give you advice, or, if needed, maybe a short-term medication is indicated. They might also suggest a natural remedy, something you might find in a natural food store. Such remedies can be helpful, but you need your doctor’s go ahead before using one because even if a specific herb is safe for pregnant women, you might have a health issue that makes it not safe for you. So talk to your doctor, and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

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