It may come as a surprise to you but the quality of your days will have a direct impact upon your nights and by extension the quality of your sleep.Sleep is essential and it goes without saying that everyone should have it and the right amount is vital.

However,quite a number of individuals struggle with some type of sleeplessness. Some have difficulty going to sleep, while others are getting up way too much and there are those who are involuntary early risers. A whopping 60 out of every 100 Americans struggle with sleeplessness on a nightly basis.Luckily, insomnia is treatable so there is hope and you can get rid off it for good if you make a conscious effort to engage in activities ( during the day) that will lead to a restful sleep at night.

Put Sleep At The Top of Your List

10 Simple Sleep RemediesNo, do not gawk at me, just listen to what I have to say. You have to make a conscious effort to seriously make it easier for you to sleep. A lack of sleep can make you less alert and accident prone. It also makes you irritable and high strung. It may even negatively affect your general well being. Insomnia predisposed you to hypertension, depression and it can aid you in packing more pounds.

Only Consume Coffee in the Mornings

If you must have coffee do so very early because it has a way of lingering in your system for more than eight hours and it may also be responsible for those constant trips to the bathroom which are guaranteed to keep you up.

Exercise Your Way To Bed

There are some who are bent on discouraging us from exercising after 6pm or so because they claim that you will secrete so much adrenaline that you may have trouble going to bed.
However evidence supporting this hypothesis is rather sparse and there appears to be far more in support of exercising before going to bed.

According to one finding,people who struggle with sleeplessness actually do have a more restful sleep are too upbeat to think about depression and remain very active and alert during their waking hours.

Eliminate the Alcohol

10 Simple Sleep RemediesIt will do you a world of good if you managed to eliminate alcohol from your diet. One of the reasons is that it could result in some degree of sleeplessness. This is especially true for females because they seem to find it harder to sleep after downing a lot of booze than their male counterparts. Interestingly too much alcohol also prevents you from going into the rapid eye movement stage of sleep and if you do not successfully enter this stage you will wind up feeling very tired the following morning.

Take it down a notch once you turn that door knob

Home should be the place where you hang your hat ( literally) Once you get to that door knob condition yourself to go into relax mode. If this is not immediately possible because of your responsibilities then you should ensure that you get around to doing so. A relaxed body and mind are precursors to good sleep.

Here’s another reason to ‘do’ it

So it turns out, it is in fact true and actually can be verified scientifically that engaging in sexual activity before you retire actually causes you to fall asleep quickly. It has been shown that the prolactin that males secrete during the act predisposes them to snoozing minutes after. However, women are by no means exempted because oxytocin which is doubled in their blood stream causes them to follow suit. So there you have it, another reason to try it.10 Simple Sleep Remedies

Leave those gadgets alone
The latest gadgets ate undoubtedly pretty kool but give them a break once in bed. Cellphones, laptops and all gadgets beginning with an ‘I’ really are also good at keeping you up. It is best to keep your bedroom dark and the light they emit are not sleep friendly. They are also likely to keep you mentally engaged.

Uhmmm should be the word

Meditate as often as possible and you will find that clearing the clutter will allow you to sleep better.

Try aromatherapy

Your sense of smell is a gateway to your mood. So aromatherapy is a great choice. The next time you feel unsettled, angry or high strung simply reach for the oils you fancy.

When all else fails try yoga

You do not have to master it. In fact, it is ok to try some simple moves. Styles such as forward bends, corpse pose, happy baby pose and the shoulder stand are highly lauded and should work wonders for you.

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