Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep Disorders

When considering homeopathy as a likely solution for insomnia, one should bear in mind that all individuals are unique and will be treated as such. There’s no single, broad brush fix. Each patient is treated after being extensively examined and evaluated.

The following have been used in the treatment of insomnia. However, you should never self diagnose or attempt to treat yourself.

Coffea Cruda

Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep DisordersThis preparation involves roasting coffee over fire and using it to treat patients who are extremely responsive to their environment. These persons are often described as being hyperactive and tend to have an overactive mind. They are more likely to fidget and they will not sit or lie down for long periods without attempting to get up.

They also tend to be more excitable and this generally prevents them from sleeping. In this particular situation it is rather common for patients to thrash about in their beds at night time. Their brain waves usually indicate that they dream a lot. It is rare that this individual will sleep throughout the entire night.If this is the case then Coffea is more than ideal because it is capable of reducing the intensity of stress or anything that threatens to destabilize the mind. This is also well suited for those who have for some reason or another consumed too much caffeine and are consequently edgy.

Nux Vomica

This is a popular treatment for many of the issues that surface in our present day societies and sleeplessness of course is a growing problem. This is plant based and comes from the “poison nut.”The most potent qualities are extracted and are used to treat countless conditions such as a dysfunctional nervous system, stomach problems and conditions affecting the lungs and reproductive functions. This is used to treat those persons who have fallen into the pattern of sleeping just after sunset but wake up a few hours before dawn. This is ideal for those who lead very stressful lives and are negatively affected by it.


Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep DisordersPulsatilla is derived from the “wind flower” and it is used to treat a whole range of conditions and so much so that is highly regarded in the homeopathic world. Interestingly it tends to relieve severe and extreme medical conditions. Pulsatilla is particularly suited for those who find it difficult to sleep in the initial stages and winds oversleeping as a result. These individuals are usually disoriented and tend to talk in their sleep.


Sulphur can be used to soothe the central nervous system, uneasiness of the stomach, dermatological problems, breathing and problems that may affect fertility in females.This is ideal for the light sleeper who sleeps for brief periods. These individuals seem to dislike sleeping on their right side and are prone to have bad dreams if he or she faces upward. People who tend to chuckle in their sleep may also find this beneficial.


Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep DisordersIt turns out phosphorus is extremely good at treating a myriad of illnesses ranging from those that affect the nerves, digestive system,circulatory system, skeletal system, pulmonary, the urinary tract and just about and just about every system in your body. This is good for treating patients who frequently wake up at nights, have a tendency to sleep walk and sleeps on his or her right side.


Passiflora is derived from Passion flower and it is suitable for young children, seniors and those rendered high strung by exhaustion and stress. It is particularly suited to treat insomnia that is largely triggered by an overactive mind ( stress and thrills of any kind is likely to worsen this patient’s insomnia. Those who rely on morphine or suffer from anxiety should take this because it has been known to soothe the nerves.

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