What is Zen Night?

Zen Night claims to be a great product to help induce sleep and keep you asleep all night. It is designed to let you fall asleep fast, and due to the natural ingredients, will ensure you wake up feeling energized, refreshed and ready to face the day. Zen Night aims to reduce the stress of bedtime and help to ensure there is no more lying awake for hours waiting to drop off into dreamland. It will also help prevent waking up throughout the night.


This supplement contains ingredients that are used for the purpose of bringing about a restful night of sleep. It includes ingredients to relieve physical tension, ease anxiety and induce sleep. These ingredients are as follows:

  • Vitamin B6 – 10mg
  • Valerian root extract – 200 mg
  • GABA – 150 mg
  • Passion flower extract – 100mg
  • L-tryptophan – 100mg
  • Chamomile – 50mg
  • Lemon balm – 50 mg
  • Hops – 50mg
  • 5-HTP – 30mg
  • Melatonin – 2mg

Zen Night capsules do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and gluten.


Zen Night should be taken 30 minutes before bedtime. The easy-to-swallow gelatin capsule will dissolve in around three minutes ensuring a restful night’s sleep ahead. It is unclear whether the capsule needs to be taken with food or not.


One bottle, or a month’s supply, will set consumers back by $44.95.  An even greater deal is a three month’s supply for just $29.99 per bottle.There is the option of signing up to an ‘auto-ship’ deal where the monthly price is reduced to $34.95 each month, along with the added convenience of a new bottle turning up on your doorstep each month. However, with these auto-ship programs, it is important to make sure that you are able to easily cancel your orders if you wish to discontinue the product. It is also important to check that when you cancel your orders, that payment is stopped too.  All purchases and deals are covered by the money back guarantee.

Possible Side Effects

As this supplement is made from all-natural ingredients, side effects are unlikely. However, this is a sleep-aid supplement and so drowsiness may occur. It is advised not to drive or operate machinery after taking this supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

If for any reason consumers find themselves unhappy with Zen Night, they can take advantage of the 100% money-back guarantee. Zen Night gives consumers three months to ‘test drive’ the product. If after this time they are still dissatisfied with the product, then any open and unopened bottles can simply be returned and money will be refunded without the need to fill out any paperwork.

The Bottom Line

Zen Night is a great, natural remedy to help those who are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep all night. The price is reasonable if you take advantage of the bulk buying discounts, and with a lengthy guarantee, it is a safe option for consumers who are trying something new. However, there are other products on the market that provide more ingredients, and a higher dosage of melatonin, to help improve sleep quality and regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

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