What is Somnis Natural Sleep Aid?

You may maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, but what good would that be if you still aren’t functioning at 100% throughout the day because you just can’t get a good night’s rest? Some sleep supplements overdo it and keep people drowsy throughout the day but others, such as Somnis Natural Sleep Aid, help you get a restful night of sleep while making sure that you wake up to your fullest potential. That is the claim of this product, read on to find out more information.


Somnis Natural Sleep Aid is formulated from all naturally occurring substances, such as melatonin which is the hormone responsible for bringing on sleep. This product also contains:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)


There are no directions or dosage instructions anywhere on the Somnis Natural Sleep Aid website. Being a supplement that supports sleep, we assume that in order to stay on the safe side, one tablet needs to be taken before bed, but it is not mentioned how long before effects will take place in order for customers to properly adjust their schedules. It is also not mentioned how long Somnis Natural Sleep Aid will keep the average person asleep for.


There is a button for ordering Somnis Natural Sleep Aid directly from their website. However, it states that the supplement is currently not available for sale directly from the website and that you should look elsewhere for it. A bottle of Somnis Natural Sleep Aid containing 60 capsules costs $19.95 on Amazon.

Possible Side Effects

Somnis has issued a restriction for its Natural Sleep Aid supplement for people that may be under medical observation such as those who may have any medical conditions or who are taking prescription medication, pregnant and lactating women, people with autoimmune disorders, people who are depressed, and people who have access to or who will be operating heavy machinery.

No age restriction or allergy warnings were found for Somnis Natural Sleep Aid.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The Somnis Natural Sleep Aid website does have a guarantee in place where customers are assured of 100% natural properties, that the product was manufactured and produced entirely in the United States at a GMP-certified facility, and that dissatisfied customers can get their money back at any time, no questions asked.

There are three testimonials available on the site and they are all positive. But these can’t really be seen as much of an indication if the product will actually work for you or not.

The Bottom Line

The idea of a refreshed feeling upon waking up is tempting to anyone because who wouldn’t want to be functioning at 100% when taking on the day? But Somnis Natural Sleep Aid, although having a detailed website, lacks vital information such as the dosage and directions on taking their supplement which is not available or openly displayed on the site itself.

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