What is Red Seal Sleep Easy?

Having problems falling asleep? You might want to check out Sleep Easy from Red Seal. There are countless causes of sleep disorders. No matter the cause, the unbearable side effects are usually the same.

Red Seal Sleep Easy is a natural sleep aid that promises to eliminate sleep problems, helping you fall asleep with ease. It is made from natural plant extracts and claims to be non-addictive.

Based on self-claims, Red Seal Sleep Easy seems like a well-rounded natural sleep aid made from tried and tested ingredients that are well tolerated and largely safe.


Sleep Easy comprises the following ingredients:

This product also contains coloring, tableting aids, and dextrose.

The main ingredient is valerian root extract. For years, this has been widely used in alternative medicine to treat a host of sleeping disorders. It’s also been used to treat anxiety disorders, stress, depression, and chronic fatigue, among other conditions, although there is little research on its efficacy in treating these conditions.

Other ingredients in this supplement do not provide direct efficacy against sleep problems but are thought to enhance the main ingredient and improve its effectiveness.


As a dietary supplement, Sleep Easy is taken with food. The recommended usage is two tablets daily. This is different from typical sleep aids that are taken a few minutes prior to bed time. The bottle should be kept at cool temperatures below 25 degrees.


A bottle of Sleep Easy costs $13.74, excluding shipping, from the manufacturer’s website. US orders are shipped within 2 days, while international orders take between 3 and 10 days to ship and arrive at your destination.

Shipping costs are displayed at checkout and depend on destination.

Possible Side Effects

Extracts of valerian root used in dietary supplements have some known side effects, including headaches, upset stomach, confusion, unusual dreams, feelings of unease, dry mouth, and drowsiness, especially during the day time.

Sleep Easy is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It should be administered with caution to children under the age of 18.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no manufacturer’s guarantee offered by Red Seal, which means that the buyer bears all the potential risk for purchasing this supplement. No doubt this is a huge let down for prospective buyers.

The Bottom Line

Red Seal Sleep Easy is just one of the countless sleep aid supplements available online. It claims to treat various sleep disorders naturally, without any side effects. However, after carefully researching the ingredients used, we found that the claim that Sleep Easy does not have any side effects may be untrue. Valerian root extract, which is the main ingredient used in the supplement, has a list of potential side effects, even when used in moderate amounts.

Also, this supplement is not supported by any guarantee from the manufacturer, which is obviously a big let down and a deal breaker for most prospective buyers.

Our conclusion is that Sleep Easy falls well below our minimum standards for recommending a supplement and therefore, we advise undecided buyers to search for a supplement with a solid guarantee.

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