What is Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm Full Spectrum?

Dealing with everyday life can bring on a lot of stress and anxiety and this can easily be carried on late at night and cause difficulty in falling asleep. Lemon has been used for centuries as a reliever of stress and anxiety and to support better sleep. This is why Planetary Herbals has brought you their Lemon Herb Balm Full Spectrum in order to calm your nerves and help you relax.


Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm full spectrum is composed of nothing except pure lemon balm by using the aerial parts at a concentration of 500mg per tablet.

Other ingredients include gelatin for the capsule, acacia gum and magnesium stearate which are sometimes used as binders or fillers in many medications or supplements.


Planetary Herbals recommends that two capsules of their Lemon Balm supplement be taken daily. Although, it is not mentioned whether these two capsules are better taken together or apart, or if this product should only be taken at night.


Planetary Herbals has come up with two packages for your convenience. For a one-month supply of Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm Full Spectrum containing 60 capsules,  the cost will be $11.98. For 120 capsules, or a 2-month supply, the cost will be $22.50.

Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm Full Spectrum can only be purchased through third-party retailers.

Possible Side Effects

Planetary Herbals has issued a restriction for its Lemon Balm Full Spectrum supplement for pregnant or breastfeeding women as there is no evidence that supports whether or not this supplement can be transmitted to the fetus or through breast milk, and what these effects may be.

As this supplement is made of pure lemon balm, it is unlikely to cause harm to people that may be taking any prescription medications or other supplements, unless those medications are directly related to sleep assistance.

As this supplement promises relaxation, it is not recommended for those with problems relating to gait or balance.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Though the Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm Full Spectrum Supplement may be all natural and pure, their website is not detailed and lacks information. Planetary Herbals states that all their products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not happy with the product, you should return it to the retailer where you purchased it from. There are no reviews on the website to indicate if people have had positive experiences with this product or not.

The Bottom Line

The fewer ingredients a supplement has, the more understandable and less complicated it is to customers and hence they might be more appealing. But with Planetary Herbals Lemon Balm Full Spectrum with only one main ingredient, there is no explanation offered on the website on how lemon balm exactly manages to bring about stress and anxiety relief and support better sleep.

Instructions on dosage are also lacking which should be important considering that this supplement aims to achieve relaxation and might not be ideal to take during the day. Common precautions for a sleep supplement such as restrictions for people who may be driving or operating heavy machinery are also absent.

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