What is Bioglan Melatonin?

Bioglan’s Melatonin supplement is made to help ease nerves and tension, and to remedy insomnia when taken before bedtime. It also aims to improve endurance and stamina when taken in low doses regularly. Melatonin is widely used as a remedy for those who have trouble sleeping in general, and for those experiencing short-term sleep problems as a result of jet lag or periods of increased stress. These chewable tablets are made for homeopathic use, and so follow the principle of dilution, for greater overall effect.


These chewable tablets include 6X Melatonin, but nowhere does Bioglan note exactly how many milligrams of melatonin are in each tablet. Although, through further research, we found that this equates to about six parts per million of melatonin per tablet. The dissolvable tablets are free of sugar, yeast, starch, gluten, dairy products, colorings and other additives. The supplements do contain lactose, though. Bioglan’s website does not provide a full list of ingredients or any information about the origin of its ingredients.


The recommended dose for regular use is one to three tablets per day. For those suffering from insomnia, the recommended dosage is three to five tablets. Biolgan suggests individuals consult with their doctor or other healthcare professional, especially if using in conjunction with medications. They do not note if the dosage should be all at once, or at a particular time of day for general use. For those suffering from insomnia, they recommend taking the tablets 30 minutes before bedtime, and other websites where it is sold, recommend taking it with food.


Bioglan Melatonin is available from Health365 online for $16.36, and at other Australian online Pharmacies like Pharmacy and ChemistWarehouse for a similar price of $16.32. At 90 tablets per bottle, this equates to roughly $0.18 per tablet.

Possible Side Effects

The company website does not list any possible side effects, but user reviews seem mixed as to the effectiveness of the product, with many experiencing no improvement of symptoms with use. The presence of lactose in the tablets could cause digestive upset in those with lactose intolerance, or aggravate asthma. The dosage is low enough that the tablets do not cause excess drowsiness upon waking based on user reviews.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Bioglan has no visible product guarantee, so this could be an indication of reduced effectiveness, or at least, no option for those who wish to return the product. Other sources were also missing commitments. While Bioglan does dot feature user reviews, other sites have very mixed reviews of this product, with perhaps only 50% experiencing an effect from continued use.

Bottom Line

This product comes at a reasonable price point, and the dosage allows users to customize their own amounts making it useful for regular use and short-term use. Online ordering though multiple Australian pharmacies makes this homeopathic supplement accessible to those outside of Australia. Downsides include the minimal amount of melatonin per tablet, and very mixed reviews that suggest this dosage may not be effective for many people. Further, for those who experience no changes to their symptoms, there is no recourse or manufacturer’s commitment that allows buyers to exchange the product. So if you purchase it, you are on your own.

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