What is Berry Sleepy?

Berry Sleepy is a sleep-inducing supplement used to assist consumers fighting insomnia and different conditions that are connected with bedtime. This item can be obtained through the brand’s website, affiliate websites, as well as third-party drug store retailers. The creators of Berry Sleepy have blended together three fruit ingredients without utilizing unsafe chemicals. The 100% fruit sleep aid is drug-free and said to contain natural vitamins and antioxidants. Berry Sleepy is a Non-GMO verified product as well as vegan certified.


The formula Includes:

  • Tart Cherry Extract
  • Passion Fruit Extract
  • Goji Berry Extract
  • Hypromellose
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Water


Take two capsules by swallowing them with water. Berry Sleepy should be taken up to 30 minutes before consumers’ expected bedtime.


A single bottle of Berry Sleepy, which contains 30 capsules, is right now being offered at the listed price of $29.99. The items is currently available through a third-party sales site which provides unspecified discounts to individual customers based on specific criteria such as a customers’ purchase history with the site. The makers of Berry Sleepy do not currently offer a discount related to the purchase of this sleep aid.

Possible Side Effects

As with most sleep aids, Berry Sleepy may cause drowsiness and should not be taken if the consumer anticipates driving or operating machinery. Some customers have expressed not receiving an immediate response after taking this sleep aid. Berry Sleepy has not been evaluated regarding its impact on nursing or pregnant mothers. This product is recommended for adult use only and should be kept out of the reach of children. Customers are encouraged to seek professional medical advice prior to taking Berry Sleepy in consideration of any prescribed medications or pre-existing medical conditions.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer of Berry Sleepy provides customers with a 60-day guarantee. Items that are purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website may be returned for a refund if the purchaser finds themselves unsatisfied with the results of its use. The guarantee can be used to request a refund on a customer’s first purchased bottle of Berry Sleepy and the request must be received within 60 days of the original purchase date.

The Bottom Line

Berry Sleepy is a popular brand amongst consumers who are looking for natural sleep inducing supplements. Berry Sleepy is praised for the use of natural ingredients that assist with sleep deprivation without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. The manufacturer has also provided customers with a 60-day guarantee that allows buyers to return their first bottle in the case of undesired results making this product easy to try. The guarantee promotes a purchase from customers trying the product for the first time. However, some customers have complained that Berry Sleepy does very little to assist with altering sleeping habits. The impact of Berry Sleepy on individual consumers vary tremendously. While some customers are willing to endure the lengthy timeframe in which it can take the formula to affect symptoms, other customers have found desirable results using products containing ingredients that promote immediate relief.

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