Treating Insomnia with acupuncture makes sense when you use outside, natural, and drug-free remedies for the condition. You can get herbal remedies from most acupuncturists. Acupuncture involves the use of needles to punch the skin. Although painless, these needles can have an impressive effect. Note that acupuncture is very sophisticated and the introduction provided in the following section is not adequate. Nevertheless, I hope that it is better than having no introduction at all.

How Acupuncture Treats Insomnia

Is Treating Insomnia with Acupuncture the Ideal Natural Solution?This traditional healing method dates back to about several centuries or millenniums ago. Its origin is probably in China, but nobody knows where it originated from. Without any doubt, the Chinese used this method making it the extremely refined and sophisticated practice used today. For the Chinese, this method is confined within traditional medicine, a wider field that includes the use of different remedies including herbal remedies. The traditional description of acupuncture bases on a principle known as “qi”, which means “life energy” or “life force”. This force flows through the body’s pathways known as “meridians”. An uninterrupted and constant qi flow leads to the ideal state. An imbalance in qi flow leads to an unhealthy state. The kind and location of the blockage determines the affected organ and the associated symptoms. Acupuncture unblocks this blockage. It involves inserting thin needles along the proper meridians. Insomniacs may have different meridians contingent with the sleep problem.

The Importance of Training

Utmost care is vital because of the customized nature of acupuncture. For instance, consider the intensity of your insomnia, your sleep and wake cycles, and your physical or mental well-being. In addition, discuss your pulse, tongue, lifestyle, and diet. For insomniacs, acupuncture works by creating a balance in the mind and body. Whether you believe in the principle of “qi” or not, just try this method to see the difference. The Western description dismisses the idea of “qi” obstruction and centers on the production of useful endorphins and hormones and calming the CNS. Nevertheless, Western scientific researches have proven the effectiveness of this method.

How Insomniacs Fell When Using Acupuncture

I felt relaxed when the practitioner used this method to treat my paining shoulder. When the needles pierced my body, I experienced unusual calmness. You might also experience some radiating warmth in areas that were previously painful and stiff. These experiences indicate that acupuncture affects your mind and body systems.

How Insomniacs Know Whether Acupuncture Will Help

Is Treating Insomnia with Acupuncture the Ideal Natural Solution?For insomniacs, the absence of severe sleep anxiety is probably the best indication for acupuncture. Recurrent sleep anxiety intensifies with increased use of different remedies. If you have this problem, address it first to avoid disappointment. You can then try body-centered or holistic natural treatments once your thoughts are clear. Acupuncture is an ideal remedy for all sources of insomnia, but indications are profound if the cause of your condition is circadian rhythm interruption or jet lag. You may also use acupuncture if your sleeplessness results from allergic symptoms and pain.

Acupuncture may also address hyperarousal symptoms and help your nervous system when in an overdrive state.

Finding an Acupuncturist

Look for an experienced and well-trained practitioner through referrals such as neighbors, friends, coworkers, and relatives. You can also ask other professionals such as therapists, naturopathic physicians, and chiropractors. You should also contact organizations and visit websites such as Acupuncture Today, AAAOM, and Acufinder.com. You can also use ads, websites, and phonebooks to call people. Once you come across someone seems to be helpful, search online for more information about the person. Look for experience, country, patient reviews, and education level.

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