Are you one of those people who often awaken from a dreamless sleep with nothing fascinating to discuss the morning after? Well the fact of the matter is that if you are not abusing drugs, If you are healthy and are not taking any kind of conventional medicine then you are having dreams but you just cannot recall them.

Stages of Sleep

When you are awake, your brain emits countless brain waves and if you were to do a scan you would detect a whole range of activity. Below are the different phases of sleep.

Stages of SleepThe First Phase

This is the initial phase of sleep and this stage can be likened to being in a light dreamy stupor that you sometimes experience when you get lost in thought at daytime. In this phase you will experience a sense of calm that comes with meditation or any kind of mental exercise.

It is not uncommon for you to experience muscle spasms and you may see and hear things that are not present. When this happens you will approach another light phase which will last for approximately 10 minutes but you will sleep very soon after.

The Second Phase

This phase will last twice as long as the first phase. At this point you will emit sharp rhythmic brain wave activity known as Sleep Spindles and you may get cooler and your heart rate will be significantly lower.

The Third Phase

During this phase cerebral activity comes to an almost standstill. This is the juncture between the dreamy stage and very sound sleep.

The Fourth Phase

In this phase you will sleep rather soundly and it generally lasts for half an hour. Somnambulism and involuntary urination will occur at the final stage of this phase. Fortunately, however these conditions can be reversed.

The Final Stage: Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

Stages of SleepThis is akin to fantasy land because in this phase your brain becomes more active and you will definitely dream. Your eyes will moved rapidly, you breathing will increase and your brain will emit an abundance of electric waves.

However,the high activity in the brain results in slow physical responses and you may even experience spasms and temporary paralysis. Dreams occur frequently here and the temporary paralysis actually shields you from self inflicted injury. You may feel trapped in some dreamy scenery and this is because you really are prohibited from moving.


Your sleep cycle is not perfectly ordered and after starting at the first phase you will travel back and forth between the four other phases. We tend to go backward from phase four and stop at the second phase before we enter into rapid eye movement sleep.

Rapid eye movement sleep occurs about the first one and a half hour after we enter the sleep stage. This phase is usually brief initially but it expands over time and so we really need a good amount of rest in order to be fully refreshed. This stage takes a considerable amount of time and some dreams can really drag on ( literally) and if it feels like they are taking a while it is because they are.

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