Many of the drugs used to combat insomnia have some risky side effects. Superficially, prescription drugs for helping people with sleep problems appear to be perfect remedies for insomnia. You just take one pill and experience a peaceful sleep some minutes later. Although sleeping pills have genuine uses, they pose several risks and may cause unwanted side effects. According to Dr. Marc Leavey, many people do not realize these risks. People tolerate these fairly safe pills. However, improper use of sleeping pills can cause problems. Therefore, it is important to know the possible side effects before using sleeping pills.

Tolerance Build Up

Sleeping Pills and their RisksYour body gets used to sleeping pills when you start taking them for a prolonged duration. Consequently, you have to take large amounts of these drugs to experience the same effect. In case you take an extremely high dose, you may experience depressed breathing during sleep. Depressed breathing might cause death. You can reduce the risk of this effect by reducing the duration of using sleeping pills to less than one or two weeks. If you are suffering from a temporary sleep disorder, reestablishing your ideal sleep pattern is a reason why you should consider using these medications. Remember that problems may occur if you use these drugs for more than seven to ten days.


Recent data shows that persons who use certain sleeping pills like zolpidem may have enough remains of the pill in the body at dawn. These remains may impair some activities such as driving. Individuals who use extended-release types of this drug and women are at a risk. The FDA recommends a lower dose for both men and women because the effects can remain up to daytime. It is advisable to follow the instructions given by your doctor to avoid drowsiness the next day. Moreover, do not take zolpidem except when you have seven or more hours to sleep.

Strange Behaviors

Sleeping Pills and their RisksWe know that people do outlandish things during sleep. Prescription sleeping drugs such as benzodiazepines, especially triazolam, are known for causing side effects such as amnesia and sleepwalking. Affected individual wake up from sleep and they do not know where they are. The latest sleeping pills like Ambien also cause the same side effects.

If you are using sleeping pills, it is advisable to report strange behavior once you notice them.

Hospital Falls

A recent study shows that patients who take zolpidem have higher chances of falling compared to patients who do not use this drunk during hospital stays. The human body is supported by two feet with sensors that continually measure the center of gravity where a person is standing. You will fall down if you take a pill that affects that system. Elderly people who use sleeping pills are at a greater risk of experiencing this problem.

Death and Cancer

Sleeping Pills and their RisksA 2012 study shows that persons who use prescription sleeping drugs are at a higher risk of losing their lives and developing cancer. Although the findings raise concerns, they do not necessarily imply that these pills certainly cause unwanted side effects.

According to the researchers, cognitive behavioral therapy could be the ideal cure for chronic cases of insomnia.

It is difficult to stop using sleeping aids once you start using them. Rebound insomnia is likely to occur when the situation worsens after you stop using the drugs. If you wish to discontinue use, look for a doctor to advise you on how to stop using the drugs gradually.

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