You can rid yourself of sleeplessness if you stick to a balanced diet, you should eat the  appropriate sleep inducing food right before bed and you should avoid  consuming the ones that are likely to keep you awake at nights.

It is good to add tryptophan to your diet and this can be found in meat and most vegetables. This will release the sleep inducing hormone and will enable you to have a full night’s rest. It has been medically proven that people who suffer from severe insomnia will see improvements in their condition within 21 days of taking tryptophan and carbohydrates. You must strive to always take these two together since they are most effective in that order. It is always advisable to eat a balanced diet but if you canny omit that then it is just as effective if you supplement your diet.

Food To Avoid At Nights

How Food Affects Your SleepCaffeine is a definite no-no if you really would like to have a restful sleep and do not even think about those carbonated sodas and dark chocolate if you are desirous of staying in dreamland. These are mental stimulants that will keep you up for hours at end.

However if you cannot resist the temptation and you want to do something attainable then at least have them in the daytime or some hours before going to bed. People who are more easily affected by drinking coffee, carbonated beverages and eating dark chocolate should really not have them within 9 or so hours before sleeping.

Strong Drinks

Some people will swear by it and it does have a reputation for inducing sleep but it has the potential to do quite the opposite especially if you have a lot. Try not to get into the habit of drinking to often either as this will prevent you from sleeping well.

Eat Small Portions

How Food Affects Your SleepYou may be tempted to eat like a king at dinner time and while you should ensure that your meal is filling. You should get into the habit of eating small portions instead of wadding your plate at on sitting and especially dinner time. A large meal before bedtime may land you stomach problems that will result in you being incredibly uneasy and restless ( hardly a comfortable state to be in.) Your calorie intake should be in the 600 range and you should eat more than a few hours before retiring. Go for more carbohydrates and less protein for starters.

Drinking Less is Best

A full bladder is not the best thing before bed because you will have to constantly get up to relieve yourself. Try to have your water or juice at least half an hour before you retire. Give yourself some time to get rid of your fluid intake before you sleep but if you must have something to drink, just have a little ( as in most things moderation is key, so be smart about it.) This is one of the easiest ways to sleep without constantly getting up and there you have it, the difference between sleeping peacefully at nights and constantly getting up, is really how much liquid you pour in your cup.

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