Child Insomnia

Children usually suffer from sleeplessness when they do not have a strict bedtime routine that is implemented by adults in charge. When kids have a schedule they tend to follow it but if they do not get into an active routine they may suffer from sleeplessness. This condition is called child insomnia and as the name suggests it can only be seen in children.

Evidence of this condition are as follows:

  • Difficulty going to bed at a specific time
  • Prolonged sleeplessness
  • Crave liquid at nights and becomes very active when others would be sleeping

Upon close examination it appears as if adults who usually tuck children in at nights have a tendency to unwittingly yield to the sleep patterns of these children who can be rather willful. The former do not usually see this as habit forming but this is generally the foundation for child insomnia.

Some Tips on Treating Child Insomnia

Child InsomniaYou should do your best to establish a consistent sleep routine for these children. Be firm in acquiescing to demands for snacks, beverages or anything that will be mentally stimulating once they are in bed.

Additionally to ensure that they sleep throughout the night. This condition will disappear once you establish a rigid sleep schedule. This does not require medical intervention.

However,parents and guardians simply have to implement effective measures. Nevertheless if you would like a formal opinion then document his or her sleep habits in a notebook and take with you on your next check up. Make note of the sleep time and the specific times that he or she gets up and do so consistently for a duration of fourteen days.

Also map and determine moments of wakefulness. The nightly activities should also be noted;what specific things does he or she do before bed. Does the kid routinely leave the bedroom to have tea or juice and if so, how many times? These patterns are crucial to making an accurate diagnosis.

This type of insomnia generally does not require any form of testing and simply mapping the kid’s bedtime habits is usually enough to treat this condition. Sometimes an actigraph will be recommended and this timepiece usually shows whether or not someone is sleeping. However, cases requiring this have been rather sparse.

Sleeplessness in the very young can be a thing of the past if parents and guardians enforce strict bed time schedules. They should always single out a specific time and stick to it. Children should not be allowed to circumvent this rule and this should be always made clear. Once this is done there will definitely be an improvement and this will be in everybody’s best interest but more so for the unfortunate sufferer.

A child should be allowed to fall asleep on their own because this is vital to their development. Be aware though, that at this age they will not always sleep until daybreak without getting up once or twice. This is even so for most of us let alone kids. However establishing an effective bedtime schedule or routine will work wonders for all parties involved.

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