Unable to sleep? Eleven ways you can trick yourself into dozing off

Struggling with insomnia? Well if your answer is then you most likely need sleep and need sleep fast!

Maybe you have tried downing a hot beverage and you have tried soaking in your bath tub but to no avail. Well you are not alone; in fact you have much more company than you could possibly imagine. It has been estimated that doctors prescribe over ten million sleeping aids in England and a study as shown that more than 80% of individuals struggle with sleeplessness.
So you may find it interesting that you may be able to fool your body into sleeping and the following are a list of things to try:

The Left Nostril Routine

11 Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Dozing OffIt comes down to simply taking deep breaths through your left nostril.
This is often used by yoga practitioners in order to slow your blood flow and many testimonials have reaffirmed that it will leave you with a feeling of serenity. In order to get the best results you should recline on your left side and gently squeeze your right nostril shut and then take some slow and deep breaths ( you should breathe from your diaphragm)

Unwind Routinely

If you take some time to unwind and relieve muscle tension then you are setting yourself up for sleep. Deep slow but rhythmic breathing is essential and you should fully bend your toes and unfurl them periodically. This has a way of lulling the body and preparing the mind for sleep. Another method involves pulling your legs up to your knee and as you inhale and exhale tense and release your entire body beginning with your toes.

Resist Sleep

Interestingly of you command yourself not to sleep and make a conscious effort no to do. It is quite likely that you will do otherwise. The brain is not very good at complying when you issue “thou shalt nots and don’ts” so it will simply take those words as its cues for sleep.

Mentally Recall Your Daily Activities

11 Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Dozing OffTake the challenge of mentally recalling everything you did over the course of the day in reverse order. This will cause you to mentally unwind and lose sight of any negative thoughts you might be harbouring. With the tables already on your favour, you will be snoozing in no time.

Try Eye Roll

Close your eyes and move your eyeballs up and down ( more than twice is ideal.) This actually mimics what is done when you sleep and a simple simulation will release chemicals that will counter your sleeplessness.

Positive Imagery

Delve into the deep recesses of your mind and visualize something positive and euphoric. Conjure up pictures and of nature;( if you are into that) fluffy clouds, lulling waves and rain. If this does not appeal to you then find thoughts that do.

Try Humming

11 Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Dozing OffThe sound usually makes you dreamy especially if you are lying down and you are content and are taking deep breathes. It is a good idea to hum as you exhale and pay attention to the effect it has on your upper body. This should make you very sleepy.

Find Those Pressure Points

Locate those sleep promoting areas place your thump at that low point between your eyes and noes. Cross your legs ( keep your right leg on top) and apply pressure between your big toe and the next one. Then maintaining the same position firmly squeeze the second toe using your right hand.

Make Positive Associations

Make it s point of duty to just gently caress a body part ( your upper body is usually more easily accessible) each time you are about to sleep. This will come in handy when you encounter sleeplessness because your body will sense the pattern and signal to your brain that you are about to sleep.

Learn How to Breathe Properly

11 Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Dozing OffDo not just breathe from your upper body but you should breath from your abdomen and diaphragm. Once you effectively master this method falling asleep will no longer be a chore.

Get Tomorrow Out of the Way

We usually worry about either the past or the future but in order to get some restful sleep you should put those thoughts away ( visualize yourself literally shelving them)Jot down what you want to accomplish tomorrow and put those thoughts away and sleep.

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